Real Dreamer or Day Dreamer

23 09 2009

An organization picks up steam when its leaders point to a better tomorrow. Momentum breaks down when leaders preoccupy themselves with the past. Or, as I’ve heard quoted, “Losers yearn for the past and get stuck in it. Winners learn from the past and let go of it.” Many people have powerful dreams. However, most don’t realize that the viability of their ideal tomorrow is based on what they do today. The difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you’re doing now. Practice today what you want to be tomorrow. If you do it well enough, someday you may arrive at your dream. John C. Maxwell

Real Dreamer or Day Dreamer

Stick with the dream it’s the one shot you have. The dream that gets you excited, it stirs something inside. It’s where the heart wants to run but all too many times there’s  a fight against the current. Excuses come up time and time again; I’m too busy, I have no money, and then the dream is buried once again. Life likes to throw obstacles at us to just about stop every hope of a dream from happening. A Leader needs to take hold and stand boldly and proclaim that nothing is going to stop this dream from happening. Just taking this act of courage will start the momentum turning and it reflects a sign of power. Dreams need to be regularly fed, a bit like spoon feeding similar to an infant. The dream needs to come alive! It has to start somehow and declaring positive words over the dream will help to inspire growth. If by setting possible tasks each day and celebrating small accomplishments the dream will start to get the nutrition it needs. A leader needs to establish a lifestyle of discipline in order for the momentum to keep driving and as John Maxwell cites ‘Practice today what you want to be tomorrow’.




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